This Blog

♥ Hello and thank you for stopping by.  I have created this blog for several different reasons.  First and foremost, for a place to organize all things homeschool.  A place where I can collect my thoughts, recipes, links, and ideas.  A place to share my faith, hope, and love of Christ!♥

A place of encouragement and fun for you and me!

I really enjoy researching and love finding different resources that work for us.  I also like to pass them along. I hope that I will provide helpful information for other homeschoolers.  Please feel free to leave a thoughtful comment.  I would love to hear from you.

You will find it most helpful to look through past posts by category.  Most categories are self explanatory but I will list brief descriptions of some here to help you navigate through this blog:

I Recommend: Tried and tested, this will be my personal reviews of anything from movies, books, curriculum, toys, food, or just simple everyday products.

Scripture: These posts will be revelations, passages that have struck me, or just simple notes from studying God’s Word!

For Fun: Little gems that I find funny or uplifting.  Poems, jokes, or articles.

Recipes: This isn’t to hard to figure out but these recipes are dear to me.  Ones that I enjoy making, have been given to me by family or friends or are just down right delicious!

Good Deal: These will be anything from homeschool discounts to the weekly deal at Albertsons or Safeway.  Please note that the “Deal of the Week” will feature what I think is a great deal and would purchase myself.  The deals are obviously not limited to what I post, just my favorite.

The Menu:  This will be posts related to what our family eats.  It will consist of a menu from the past week.  Why you ask?  Because I never stick to a pre-planned menu but I would love to look back and remember things I have actually made. ;o)


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