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Hello! Come and Visit My New Location



This blog has officially moved to a self hosted website.  Please click on the link and update your bookmark. I will look forward to having you.  You will like what you see!  Homeschooling 100 Digits at


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A New Site in “Sites for Kids”


This is probably the best site that I have found for kids.  It is so much fun!  Even though I added it to my “Sites for Kids” link, it deserved it’s own post.  I have been writing my own silly stories, learning about the history of solitaire and sneakers, guessing flags of the world and so much more.  Ok, it’s actually not only for kids!  You have to check it out.  The design is wonderful and easy to navigate.  Endless hours of fun.  I like it so much I want to start a collection of Chevron cars.  The coloring pages are terrific too.  Don’t forget you can always find it easily by using the button on this blog called “Sites for Kids”.  Have Fun!

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Great Websites for Kids


Please review links before you have your child play on these sites.  Though I have been to all of them, occasionally links or content change.  Also, if you have a site that your children enjoy, please do share in a comment and I will add a link.


General Learning and Games:



Preschool/K  Reading/Phonics:

History/ Government

Cooking/ Baking

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Study the Universe in Your Home

Microsoft has come out with a wonderful tool to explore the universe.  It is called Worldwide Telescope and it is a web based program and will only run on Microsoft Windows.  

Microsoft’s goal is to appeal to amateur astronomers, teachers and kids, people who might never get a chance to look at the Milky Way through a telescope as large and prestigious as the Hubble or the Chandra. This is a wonderful tool for homeschool families to implement your studies in the universe or astronomy.

Check it out!

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Corn Mazes and Pumpkin Patches

Bob’s Corn  Snohomish

This years theme: 2 Hot Air Balloons

Craven Farm Monroe

The Farm  Snohomish

The state of Washington

Stocker Farms  Snohomish

Cascade Land Conservancy 

Carleton Farm Lake Stevens

Fosters Produce and Corn Maze  Arlington

Kasper the Friendly Ghost (no photo)

South 47 Farm  Redmond

A Tribute to the Tractor

Jubilee Farm  Carnation


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Math Links


Fun Brain

Kids Online Resources Math

Sheppard Software

Timez Attack

Worksheet Generators:


Math Worksheet Site

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