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Dragonfly TV




When we decided to get rid of cable television in our home there were a few shows that we were all really going to miss.  Dragonfly TV was one of them.  But now they have the episodes online and my kids can watch them anytime.  There are many categories to choose from including but not limited to, Matter and Motion, Living Things, and Body and Brain.  These shows are of real kids conducting different science experiments throughout the world.  It’s fun, check it out!


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Klutz for Christmas


Have your kids experienced any of the Klutz products? They are so great. We have used many different sets over the years. My kids received a half a dozen or so last year for Christmas and they use them weekly for different activities. There are so many different things to choose from. And, if you go to their website and sign up you can get 25% off your order.  I do not know when and if this offer expires.

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A Snack My Kids Love To Eat



Edamame!  More commonly known as the soybean this is a fun and delicious snack for kids.  All of my kids go crazy when I put out a bowl of these.  They are simple and quick to prepare too!  They can be eaten warm or cold.  I buy them at Trader Joe’s in their freezer department.  You can get them in the shell, out of the shell, precooked or 5 minutes to cook.  Try some.

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A Splink is a SIMPLE way to LINK your family together spiritually.  It’s a FREE weekly email packed with ideas to help connect your family. Splinks are creative ways of interacting with your children with family devotional starters and ideas for family time. Splinks can also help you use teachable moments to pass along spiritual truths and life lessons while making memories or just having fun together. No matter where you are, it can always be time for a Splink! “

Here is an example activity:

Clothes from God

 As your child is getting dressed, ask:

  •      Did you know the Bible tells you what to put on?

Read Colossians 3:12-17. (If you don’t have time to read the verses right then, tell them some of the characteristics listed and read them together later, maybe at bedtime when you are picking out the next day’s clothes.) 
Write each characteristic they are to “put on” on a slip of paper. (Some include: love, forgiveness, mercy, kindness, humility, patience.) Put the slips of paper in a cup and ask each member of the family to draw out one characteristic they will “put on” that day. Evaluate how it went at the end of the day. Ask: 

  •      What chances did you have to show the characteristic you picked today?
  •      What was hard or easy about it?

Reward your children at the end of the day by reading an extra book or playing a game together.  Put the slips back in the cup and pick a new one each day of the week, if you like.

Sign up now to have the weekly Splink emailed straight into your inbox. What are you waiting for? Get Splinking!

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My Own Shower


I have used this for many years.  I think it builds confidence in the water quicker than taking baths.  It makes washing hair and rinsing off babies much easier.  I like to wash my babies hair and bodies while they sit or stand in the tub and then when they are all washed they can take a fun bath in clean water.  With all of the controversy about bath, shampoo and soap chemicals possibly being a threat to their growing organs, I prefer that my kids take baths in pure, clean water.  The older kids like that they can adjust it to their height. It’s a bargain at $20!  

You can find this at Leaps and Bounds and a few other online retailers.

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Food & Family Magazine

This magazine is fantastic and it is FREE!  They have the most simple and delicious recipes.  It gives tips, tons of recipes, all kinds of goodies.

Sure they do the typical product placement, but I just ignore it.  I do not think that the recipe cares whether or not I use Kraft cheese rather than another brand in the fridge.

These are recipes and ideas you can actually use even if you are not much of a cook. I suggest that you sign up and actually get some mail that you enjoy opening! Click the link below to sign up to receive your free subscription.

Kraft Food & Family Magazine

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Church History ~ Reformation Day

With Reformation Day upon us on the 31st this is a great documentary on Martin Luther and how he revolutionized the Christian faith.  I would highly recommend it to anyone that would like to learn about this important event in church history. This DVD is available at most public libraries or can be purchased as well for your church history library.  Here is an excerpt from the PBS produced documentary:

But after entering the monastery, Luther becomes increasingly doubtful that the Church can actually offer him salvation at all. His views crystallize even further with a trip to Rome, where he finds that the capital of Catholicism is swamped in corruption.

Wracked by despair, Luther finally finds release in the pages of the Bible, when he discovers that it is not the Church, but his own individual faith that will guarantee his salvation.

With this revelation, he turns on the Church, attacking its practice of selling Indulgences in the famous 95 Theses. The key points of Luther’s theses were simple, but devastating: a criticism of the Pope’s purpose in raising the money, “he is richer than Croesus, he would do better to sell St Peters and give the money to the poor people…”, and a straightforward concern for his flock, “indulgences are most pernicious because they induce complacency and thereby imperil salvation”.


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