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This blog has officially moved to a self hosted website.  Please click on the link and update your bookmark. I will look forward to having you.  You will like what you see!  Homeschooling 100 Digits at www.100digits.com


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Book List for Thanksgiving


The Mayflower Adventure by Colleen L. Reece. Twelve-year-old John and his sister Sarah accompany their parents on the Mayflower as it sails to the New World where they hope to enjoy freedom of worship.

If You Sailed on The Mayflower in 1620 by Ann McGovern. What would you take with you? How would you keep clean? What would you eat? What did you do when you landed? Fascinating question and answer format. Lots of colorful illustrations accurately depict the people, places, and events.

Samuel Eaton’s Day by Kate Waters. Young Samuel Eaton is looking forward to his first chance to help his father bring in the crops. He finds the work incredibly hard, but he perseveres, and at the end of the day when his father tells him “you did a man’s work today, Samuel,” we feel his pride. Depicts everyday life for boys in Pilgrim times.

N.C. Wyeth’s Pilgrims by Robert San Souci. Beautifully illustrated by N. C. Wyeth, this book tells the story of the Pilgrims from their arrival on the Mayflower through the first hard years.

Tapenum’s Day by Kate Waters. Similarly done as Samuel Eaton’s Day, but it follows the daily life of an Indian boy at the time of the Pilgrims.

Three Young Pilgrims by Marcia Sewall is one of the most beautifully illustrated of all the Pilgrim stories. It follows the lives of three children who sailed on the Mayflower: Bartholomew, Remember, and Mary Aller¬ton. The story and illustrations help you imagine what it was like to be a young Pilgrim. 

The Landing of the Pilgrims by James Daugherty. A Landmark History book based on the Pilgrim’s own journals to give a moving account of their first hard years.

The Pilgrims of Plimoth by Marcia Sewall. Written as a personal account, Sewall’s book not only conveys the spirit and conviction of the Pilgrim experience, but also provides ample historical information and domestic detail about the settlement at Plimoth and the people who survived those arduous first seasons in America.

Stories of the Pilgrims by Margaret Pumphrey. This is the book we read and reread every Thanksgiving. Re printed from a turn of the century book, this will touch your heart as you and your children follow the Pilgrims in their long search for religious freedom. 

Squanto Friend of the Pilgrims by Clyde Robert Bulla. Touching life story of Squanto, who helped the Pilgrims survive and settle the new land.

Sarah Morton’s Day by Waters tells of everyday life in Plymouth Plantation for a young girl. 

Cut & Assemble the “Mayflower: A Full-Color Paper Model of the Reconstruction at Plimoth Plantation.

Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford. Few people realize that America was founded because a devout band of non-conformist Christians lived and breathed the covenant promises of Jesus Christ. Though the Pilgrims left England because of religious persecution, they actually left Holland to protect their children from ungodly influences. These parents risked everything to protect their young. Bradford boldly proclaimed that these families were willing to sacrifice their lives, if necessary, “even though they [the Pilgrims] be but stepping stones” for future generations of Christians they would never meet. Written as the journals of William Bradford, leader of the Pilgrims, this is the true story of “average” people who changed the world because they shared a multi-generational vision.

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Dragonfly TV




When we decided to get rid of cable television in our home there were a few shows that we were all really going to miss.  Dragonfly TV was one of them.  But now they have the episodes online and my kids can watch them anytime.  There are many categories to choose from including but not limited to, Matter and Motion, Living Things, and Body and Brain.  These shows are of real kids conducting different science experiments throughout the world.  It’s fun, check it out!

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Janie and Jack 25% off 11/14-11/16


November 14-16, enjoy 25% off your entire purchase at Janie & Jack. To redeem at JanieandJack.com, just enter promo codeJJFRIEND at checkout. To redeem in-store, print out this coupon and present at checkout.

On their sale rack you can find beautiful clothes up to 75% off. These sales aren’t as good online.

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Target Toy Coupons


Target has a whole page of printable toy coupons.  Just click here.  These expire 11/26.

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Klutz for Christmas


Have your kids experienced any of the Klutz products? They are so great. We have used many different sets over the years. My kids received a half a dozen or so last year for Christmas and they use them weekly for different activities. There are so many different things to choose from. And, if you go to their website and sign up you can get 25% off your order.  I do not know when and if this offer expires.

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In God We Still Trust

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